1. The Sands

From the recording TCK

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Our latest CD release is a mix of influences from the Dead, The Black Crowes, and The Allman Brothers. With three different songwriting styles within the band, there is a nice mix of tempo, style and mood. Recorded by Rocketsnake Records at Essential Sessions Studios in St, Paul, MN. Enjoy!


Blow away like a letter
Or fall like a leaf
Just one more cold wind in this world
Is all it would take

But I’m waiting by your side
Wanting to see
But there’s no time, precious hours
Haunting the free
Wondering what is mine?

There’s no use in holding
There ain’t no use in holding back
No use in holding back
The hours are weighing down the sands

Toil away out of avarice
Render a dream
Stow away in a corner
Pretending it’s me
Wasting diamonds, precious hours
Trying to stand
Tore my life, all my love, out of the sands
Slippin’ out of our hands


Broken before we started, the innocence
Can’t decide to get all in, when it’s all depending
If all we need is time, take the turn
Get it out ‘cho mind
Testify the hurt… Are you hurting now?