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Our latest CD release is a mix of influences from the Dead, The Black Crowes, and The Allman Brothers. With three different songwriting styles within the band, there is a nice mix of tempo, style and mood. Recorded by Rocketsnake Records at Essential Sessions Studios in St, Paul, MN. Enjoy!


Winding Road
Streets paved in cobblestone
Wonderin’ why love's going away
Without a warning

Pub crawl nights
Songs are fluid, flowin’ with the pints
Pretty women have storms in their eyes
Inside the walls it echoes in my mind

Streets of Dublin
I bet you’re gonna ride off in that sunset again
Pour me a potion
The winds of fortune never change anything… It keeps on rainin’

I’m long, low down
A foot in the grave, another in the clouds
This heartache keeps tearing us down
A soothing chorus fills the room with sound


Brevity, following faith
I wander through that churchyard gate
I won’t recall a single face
In my new found state of grace