1. One By One

From the recording TCK

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Our latest CD release is a mix of influences from the Dead, The Black Crowes, and The Allman Brothers. With three different songwriting styles within the band, there is a nice mix of tempo, style and mood. Recorded by Rocketsnake Records at Essential Sessions Studios in St, Paul, MN. Enjoy!


You’ve got to let your problems, fade away, every day
You’ve gotta let your worries, one by one, lord just melt away

'Cuz all this love, it’s all around, love, can you feel it?
And all this love, it makes a sound, tell me can ya hear it?
Let the notes into your soul, soul, soul… one by one… one by one

Can you feel the weight lift from you? Lord, it’s like you’re so stoned
Off your big ol’ head, lighten you up, Oh keep rollin’ on


Now your brain’s unplugged, so go, go find a simple ground
And lay the message down, one by one, Deep into your soul
Deep into your soul