1. Solstice

From the recording TCK

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Our latest CD release is a mix of influences from the Dead, The Black Crowes, and The Allman Brothers. With three different songwriting styles within the band, there is a nice mix of tempo, style and mood. Recorded by Rocketsnake Records at Essential Sessions Studios in St, Paul, MN. Enjoy!


All that snow on the ground
And the sun keeps setting down
But you’re not at the table for the time

Stayed up all of your life
And the sun you’ve never known
Little stars in your eyes, Keep ‘em dry

Winter's light shining
Crescent moon in the starlight
Winter's light shining
Call of a long, dark horizon

On the longest of nights
Folded arms that never hold
Such a beautiful girl with her palms to the sky

How will he know when he’s cried?
With the eyes he’s never opened
To the longest of nights
Now the stars have grown cold