1. Hurricane Rain

From the recording TCK

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Our latest CD release is a mix of influences from the Dead, The Black Crowes, and The Allman Brothers. With three different songwriting styles within the band, there is a nice mix of tempo, style and mood. Recorded by Rocketsnake Records at Essential Sessions Studios in St, Paul, MN. Enjoy!


When the time is high
The walls will fall
And the lesson learned
You can't speak to it all
And the pain inside
Was just a hurricane season
Blowing you away

Blowing you away, like a hurricane rain
Blowing you away, blowing you away
like a hurricane rain, blowing you away
I just can’t keep you safe

Last cloud
Last cloud blow away
There’s a bright horizon
When you decide to find it
Last cloud
Last cloud put away
All your worn emotions
And invite the light of grace